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Nuevas formas de trabajar en la empresa del futuro

Aquellas empresas que no aborden los cambios necesarios corren el riesgo de quedarse atrás en la carrera por atraer y retener en plantilla a los trabajadores más preparados, que se irán a empresas de la competencia más productivas.

Por Peter Thomson



8 Free Bootstrapping Business Tools

Business Babble

Free stuff is great. Free stuff that helps your business is awesome.

Here are 8 free online services that a small business can use to make life a little less complicated.


“Forever Free.” Love it. That’s MailChimp’s promise to its subscribers. The “Forever Free” plan allows up to 2,000 email subscribers and 12,000 emails to be sent per month. MailChimp offers well-designed email templates, campaigns, list segmentation, signup forms, auto responders, and reporting. Best of all, it integrates well with website, app, and social media platforms. As a subscriber, you’ll also get to enjoy random acts of humor through strategically placed and totally random videos. Watch out for Freddie!

Tip: Test, test, and then test again before sending an email campaign to your entire list. Check out MailChimp’s “Email Campaign Tips.


Staying within the primate family, if you need to develop a survey to find…

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