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Nuevas formas de trabajar en la empresa del futuro

Aquellas empresas que no aborden los cambios necesarios corren el riesgo de quedarse atrás en la carrera por atraer y retener en plantilla a los trabajadores más preparados, que se irán a empresas de la competencia más productivas.

Por Peter Thomson



Need Inspiration? Here Are 9 Ways to Find It.

by @SteveTobak

Need Inspiration? Here Are 9 Ways to Find It.Some people love routine. They’re perfectly happy getting up at the same time, doing the same things, eating the same foods, and working the same job, day in, day out. I guess it’s comforting to them.

Not me. I thrive on variety. Newness. Challenges. Getting out and about and making things happen. Starting a project and feeling that awesome sense of accomplishment when I get it done … right.  

And that’s exactly why I hate this time of year. It’s the weather.

This is the start of …

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