About Jordi

Skype : jordimacias_

CAREER MISSION STATEMENT : To help businesses and entrepreneurs to discover new market opportunities through design of new strategies and business models to achieve a leading market position.


Jordi is a fan of innovation applied to the whole company , especially in the development of new business models .

Has solid experience in the translation of strategic plans and development of new business models , development of new business units or upgrade of the existing ones

For over 15 years he has developed his professional career in strategy consulting , leading projects the Business Development areas ( strategy and organization ) as well as optimization of business (industrial reorganization, business and operations ) in leading companies in their sectors .

His profile includes skills and competencies as Global Business Vision , Business experience ( successes and some failures ) , team management , Flexibility , Communication , Initiative, Stress Management , Leadership, Proactive , Customer focus (internal and external )

Capacity analysis, synthesis , problem solving , conflict management , adaptation, organization are also part of his skills portfolio.

Experience in business development methodologies such as Lean Canvas, Starup Lean , Business Modeling , STG Innovation and tools for the management and development of innovation as Design Thinking , FORTH or Open Innovation .

Trained as an Industrial Engineer Organization complemented his education with a Master’s degree in marketing and an MBA .

Throughout his career he has gained extensive international experience , to develop projects in countries such as Spain , Dubai, Mexico , Italy, Morocco , Bulgaria, Poland, Romania , Israel, USA and Saudi Arabia


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