Leadership Credibility in 5 Easy Ways

The Armchair HR Manager - Advice from an "HR Fan"

Being a successful leader requires someone to possess and balance a whole plethora of traits and characteristics. I have blogged many times about leadership and how to be successful, as have many other people who are way smarter and more qualified to do so than me! However, in reflecting on my experience as a leader, as well as thinking about leaders I have worked with and for, there is one very important characteristic that I feel all leaders need to possess in order to be successful, and that is credibility.

Successful leaders are almost always seen as having a high degree of credibility by their employees. For purposes of this article, I am not thinking of, or referring to, the credibility that is gained from technical or functional knowledge – i.e. being a subject matter expert. I am referring to the soft skill credibility successful leaders possess based on the

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