5 Ways to Save a Struggling Business

Majesty Marketing

In my professional life, much time has been spent trying to save struggling businesses. While the sectors can vary, there are several commonalities amongst those who stagnate and slide.

1. Complacency
Mediocrity is a killer of many businesses, but how does it come about? Complacency. How many times have you walked into a store that was dirty, old and decaying and handed over your hard earned money? Never, not once, zero times? Thought so.

The thing about this killer that kills me is the remedy is such a simple one… care. This can be as straightforward as vacuuming, wiping down furniture, and applying a fresh coat of paint. These details are often labeled small, but don’t confuse that with the size of their impact, ENORMOUS.

2. Customer Service
There is a fascination in earning more likes, getting more followers, and attracting new customers. I get it. I am a marketer…

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