Why Divergent Thinking Is A Must

The Rocky Mountain Innovation Lab

from the Break Through, V. 1, P.4

Red_Cup_Solo_32oz_POPLast week, we mentioned Divergent Thinking as a technique to fire-up our imagination. Divergent Thinking is the most powerful way to discover the break through idea you need instead of waiting around for that lightning bolt inspiration. And for people that believe they’re not creative … this is the tool that will illuminate your inherent creative ability. Our brains are wired to overcome problems with innovative solutions; we’ve been doing it since early man picked up a rock. With some discipline, we can engage our creative juices on command.

Step 1:  Identify the issue, problem, or topic at hand.

Step 2: Begin brainstorming ideas that could be potential solutions. An important note here: these are JUST ideas … you’re not committing to them … let them flow, without risk.  We’ll have time for Convergent Thinking, that much more critical, rational part…

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