Co-ops in Top 20 Business Innovation Models for Sustainability

Baltimore Community Wealth

Via the International Co-operative Alliance’s Twitter feed (@ICAcoop):

A report released by SustainAbility (a London-based think tank and strategic advisory firm) highlights Cooperative Ownership as a business model innovation for sustainability.

From Page 29 of Model Behavior:

sustainability report“From a social impact standpoint, co-ops often excel because their structure allows for distributed—and often more equitable—decision making, profit sharing and power sharing. Cooperative worker models often provide a sense of ownership to employees, who are incentivized by playing a direct role in profit generation and profit sharing. Cooperative retail models often pay members dividends or offer members in-store discounts.”

The authors highlight several familiar examples of worker and consumer cooperatives, but also note that “the non-hierarchical structure of co-ops can translate into fewer checks and balances than more traditional ownership structures.”

(But as co-op models grow in popularity, it’ll be interesting to see the solutions workers and consumers propose to ensure collective accountability– something…

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