The Startup Dilemma

The Digitaleb

confSo you have had that major breakthrough idea or an interest of yours that you finally decided to turn into a business venture. Perhaps you aspire to be the next Elon Musk or even Tony Stark himself.

Let’s face it, entrepreneurship has crept up on you like an unrivalled addiction. The simple thought of having a successful startup dilates your pupils while a surge of adrenaline turns you into an insomniac Energizer bunny.

But even in the state of entrepreneurial inebriation, everyone faces the same dilemma, that is how can you reach out to your customers, create the essential awareness, and build the necessary reputation to have a sustainable business.

Unless you plan to sell essential commodities in a post apocalyptic world, you would require a know how on marketing yourself. Because without marketing, you won’t be able transform your target audience into your customer, which would inadvertently affect the…

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