“The Enabled Enterprise”: How to Build “Capabilities for Sustainable Success” | B C G

Murali Prasanna

CEOs are facing an extraordinary test. Enduring competitive advantage is hard to achieve in a time of great uncertainty and volatility : sector-leaders are no longer sure to stay at the top for very long, and new challengers—often state-owned or family-owned companies that are unburdened by legacy business models—are attacking the profit heartlands.

CEOs know, nevertheless, that they have an obligation to make their companies stronger in a sustainable way. If they can’t….they will be seen to have failed. In the end, it is not what you achieve in the short term that matters, it is what you leave behind for the long term..!! 

How can CEOs guarantee success ? The answer is clear : they need the “Right People with Right Skills” supported by the “Right Organizational Structure”, “Processes & Tools”. If they have all this, they stand the best chance of outpacing their rivals…

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