The dangers of the startup “scene”.

Marko Lauhiala

The new entrepreneur sees the world with naive eyes. Entrepreneurs are told to go to all these startup events; they just can’t miss that opportunity… where some startups get to pitch for a panel of investors, whilst others try desperately to get 90 seconds with an investor in the hallway.

Reality: If you didn’t place in the top 3 pitches or actually got funding, you have just wasted time and money you could have spent elsewhere. If you don’t get something tangible, something concrete, then it is just a mirage. A business card is not tangible, a “that seems interesting” is not tangible. You are just fooling yourself to believe that.

When the lights are turned off and it is time to go back to your startup office (if you are lucky to have one), the startup “scene” buzz quickly fades away… you still have all the hard work ahead…

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