Successful People Act Effectively

Horgan Communications


Successful people…

1. …rely on systems rather than just people. If the business is only great because it’s got some exceptional people, what happens when they leave, or when you need more of them?

2. …start with the end in mind. When they started their business they had a clear vision of what it would be like when their plans came to fruition.

3. …know that profit alone isn’t enough. You can run out of cash, and go bust, even when you’re trading at a good profit. Watch the cashflow and credit.

4. …think in terms of value, not just price. They don’t use cheap equipment that lets them down, skimp on team training, use home-made signs and stationery that give the message “we’re second-rate, we’re amateurs”.

5. …make their superiority visible. There’s no point being the best hairdresser in town if the customer doesn’t know it.

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