How Companies can improve their products (or services) / Product improvement strategies

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Corporates spend billions of dollars to improve/upgrade their products but in the process they are missing the basics. Sometimes I wonder whether the employees or essentially, their top management, really do use their own companies products/services? If that was the case then companies don’t need to spend billions of dollars on market research.

Recently, I had a very bad experience with Reliance Broadband services. If I am not satisfied by a particular product/service then I usually change the provider, but I didn’t want to change the broadband services in question as I was to relocate soon and didn’t wanted the hassle of finding / paying installment charges to new provider. In spite of frequent calls to customer care asking them to check my problem of internet disconnection, no one ever bothered to solve my problem. It was only when I threatened their appellate department then someone can and resovled my…

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