It’s Not All About You!

Genuine Touch Inc.

How many times have we been to a sales presentation and the first words out of the presenter’s mouth were something like…

“My name is Jimmy Doe, Marketing & Sales GuRu and I have been selling widgets for 25 years.  I started my business in a small garage after realizing the need for this unique product which I am absolutely passionate about…”

If you’re like most people it did it take long before beginning to yawn, checking phone/email, and starting to think about all the things we could be doing.

Going on about ourselves/businesses in the first few seconds of any presentation is one of the fastest ways to lose an audience. It is an unfortunate fact but they simply don’t care about that topic right off the bat… we’re perceived as just another person who likes to brag!

At some point, most business owners, marketers, etc, have to get…

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