Essential guide to fundraising from Paul Graham

Navi Ganancial

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After stumbling upon this article I quickly realized how fundraising for a start-up and non-profit are extremely similar. The guidelines that YCombinator Co-Founder Paul Graham states in his article are pretty much applicable for both groups. While there are a few suggestions that may not work for the non-profit side many important lessons can still be learned.

Here are some of the suggestions I like the most:

“Don’t raise money unless you want it and it wants you.”

If you don’t know what to do with the money then don’t waste the energy chasing it. For both groups this is vital, because you and your team’s energy is invaluable and not infinite.

“Be in fundraising mode or not.”

Again fundraising is quite time-consuming whether you’re trying to build a tech company or raise funds to further your non-profit’s cause. It is important to be committed to either…

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