3 Big Skills To Add To Your Leadership Toolbox Starting Today

Kristina Barnett

It’s easy to forget that leadership is a skill. It seems to come naturally to some people, while others struggle with it. Many leaders just sort of end up in the role rather than seeking it out, and the skills that get them there might be more related to their expertise than leading people.

Those who struggle with effective leadership might imagine that it’s a binary thing – you either are a leader or you are not, they think, and some rest too easily with the idea that they are not. I’ve learned to be wary of any thoughts I have about myself or anyone that involve the verb “to be.” Any such totalizing statements, much like the dreaded superlatives (always, never, completely etc.), are always a bad bet in multiple choice questions and in life.

Leadership isn’t a quality that you’re either born with or will never have. It’s a…

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