The Power of Pledges

The BSL Blog

During my studies I earned money with many, many different jobs: I worked as a waitress, cleaning lady, translator, telephone receptionist, secretary, babysitter, Christmas tree trimmer, sales assistant…

One summer I was working as a postwoman. A very interesting experience. It is incredible how much you learn about people just by observing what kind of mail they get. For example: There was one young lady on my round that received a decorated letter by a man almost every day. I was surprised. It is very unusual that guys write so many letters. When I looked at the sender, I realized that this man was writing these letters from jail. That explained it!

I had to deliver special letters where the recipients had to sign a receipt, because they had to appear at court. So I knew that they were in some kind of legal trouble. I brought grandmothers their pension…

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