Paralysis of Analysis: What it Is and How to Avoid it

Courtney Herz Writes

I’m going to tell you a story about what happened to me relatively recently in my freelance career. As I was seeking to understand more about this business – how it works, what to do, what not to do – I realized that marketing was going to be really crucial. So I started a marketing campaign. But then I wondered – what if it doesn’t work? So I thought well perhaps it will be safer to just stick with content mills. The good ol’ “Well hey at least it’s guaranteed weekly pay,” mentality. And then I thought no, I really need to make real money with real companies so I can earn a real living. But hmm…what if I just focused on Constant Content for a month. Of course they pay out monthly and…


I had fallen into the trap and come down with a serious illness that plagues…

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