How to build a $1bn startup

Malcolm Bell

Well, have you met many entrepreneurs that don’t want to build a $1bn business?

But, how to get there?

Of course, this isn’t easy, if it was, there would be a lot more. However, there are tools, books, blogs and research papers that are all free to read, to help you on your way. It’s amazing but the guys who have built $1 businesses, have all blogged extensively about what they have learned, how they did it, so their success can be emulated and mistakes avoided.

If you at least follow these and read them, you will multiply your chances greatly.

You see, I read this interesting article in Tech Crunch recently about the ‘Unicorn Club’ by Cowboy Ventures (quite a legitimate organisation I assure you).

The ‘Unicorns’ are those startups created in the last 10 years that went onto have a $1bn valuation or more. The research paper analysed…

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