Conceptual and Learning Tools in Business

The science of enterprise—and doing good.

The Business Model Canvas has been described as a conceptual tool. And, as I’ve mentioned here I love the idea of conceptual tools. I first came across it in a book by Gerry Rhodes called Conceptual Tool Making, but the term ‘learning tool’ I discovered from a piece of research on e.learning concerning learning object repositories.  A conceptual tool is an ‘instrument of the mind’, but like a real physical tool it can be used to act on something to produce something else of greater value. A conceptual tool works by being a learning tool. The BMC, then, is an instrument used to gain greater knowledge of a proposition around which one might want to start a business. It so happens that the business and management literature is packed full of conceptual tools, and in fact one of my favourite sites called clearly demonstrates that an MBA, or any…

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