” 7 Steps” to Put Your “Customer-Community” to “Work for your Business” | by: Scott Hirsch| SalesForce

Murali Prasanna

“A customer-community is a vital catalyst for businesses that want to differentiate based on customer – experience”…

Vibrant communities create collaborative partnerships with customers, providing first-hand insight into their wants and needs, while simultaneously elevating the level of accountability that departments and individual employees have regarding the quality of customer service and experience.

But thriving communities don’t just happen on their own—they need to be set up, moderated and cultivated internally. Successful customer communities require equal parts art—cultivating conversations and engaging community members—and science—a data-driven, analytical approach to understanding the community in order to grow engagement, manage participation, assess content effectiveness and gauge impact on customers.

So, how do you organize internal processes and prepare employees to put your customer community to work for you..

Here are SEVEN Steps that will get you on the right path to success :

1. Go where your customers are:

Don’t make customers and…

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