3 lessons from entrepreneurs that will help save the world

Wild About Sustainability

entInspired by Entrepreneur Magazine @EntMagazine that took an article from Rolling Stone about “how unfair capitalism is and where Occupy Wall Street organizer Jesse Myerson writes about The Five Economic Reforms Millennials Should Be Fighting For” and looked at it from an entrepreneurs perspective. @EntMagazine believes that “Entrepreneurship, Not Socialism, Is the Answer to Economic Problems“.

So in the same vein – Is Entrepreneurship, Not Socialism, the Answer to Ecological Problems?

If it is, what are some of the approaches or philosophies of entrepreneurs and start-ups that might help us accelerate positive social, cultural and ecological impact.

Here are three that I think we could use more of.

1. Always ask questions
Entrepreneurs by their nature are questioners, rule breakers, disruptors. They ask why or why not about almost everything. They question why we should do the same thing as before, why don’t we do something different. They…

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