ITBMS (It’s the Business Model, Stupid)

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ITBMS (It's the Business Model, Stupid)

Did anyone say that before? I have been recently reading a lot about the big opportunities that lie ahead for entrepreneurs in our times; about the mind-blogging valuations of start-ups making the headlines; about the most-recent forecasted value for the bitcoin.

Then I came across a nice meme from a very respected global company that read “An Idea can change the world…” Then I thought: No. It’s not the Idea. It’s the Execution of the idea what can change the world.

What does Execution exactly mean? Execution of what? Because an idea by itself is not something that can be executed… unless of course it is an idea about how we can achieve something different, something better, something cool… Of course there are so many different types of ideas that go from concepts to artifacts to pipe-dream scenarios and places and smells and so on… but let’s stay with…

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    Another perspective on one of the 3Ms that cause start-ups to fail: Market, Management and – in this case – Model…

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