What Happens When Entrepreneurs Fall in Love With Their Creations

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Ever hear of the so-called “edifice complex”? It’s adapted from the more famous Oedipus complex, in which sons fall in love with their mothers. In an edifice complex, a person falls in love with a building–or simply the desire to design one.

In Her, the Golden-Globe nominated Spike Jonze movie, there’s a suggestion that falling in love with technology may be the modern day manifestation of the edifice complex. Here’s a little background on why this is an important topic for entrepreneurs–or for anyone becoming emotionally dependent on software-based machines.

Entrepreneurs and the Edifice Complex

Entrepreneurs are prime candidates to develop an edifice complex. Jim Koch, founder of the Boston Beer Co. (which makes Sam Adams), admitted this in a 1999 interview.

He spent two years and $4.5 million designing and engineering a state-of-the-art brewery, even though he recognized that “from a business point of view, it made no sense. We’d already received…

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