Social media: Why do I HAVE to be so important?


Before you judge my post and start jumping into conclusions, I admit, I have had my Facebook days! It was in course of a recent introspection of my Facebook account that I discovered some of my initial posts, status updates etc. While I was rummaging through the pile, reminiscing the times and circumstances under which I must have written them, something struck my conscience all of a sudden.

What I write, why would it be of interest to anyone? Say what I am cooking, what I am reading, where I am having dinner, who I am with – why would anybody and everybody be interested to even know what am up to? And why do I need to share every nitty-gritty of my life with the world? I mean , I have emails if I want to share it with family, they are also just a call away!

Somewhat perplexed…

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