Agile Methodology – A panacea for technology companies?

A Product Manager Perspective

This is a very exciting time when innovations are happening everywhere in all aspects of productization.  There is excitement and passion in product and technology innovations.  It is refreshing to see development process innovations making their way into software and technology development.  While Waterfall development methodology has its place in product development where technical publication becomes the long pole for example, Agile and Lean Startups are fast replacing Waterfall development methodologies in software development and internet companies as a way to develop products that customers want with reduced development cycles.

With these innovations, the role of product managers which was nebulous at best until now is gradually coming into clear focus.  The confusing roles of both product managers and product marketing managers as product owners used in Waterfall methodologies are making way for product managers to be the sole product owners in Agile methodology.   The product managers now are truly responsible for…

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