10 Wildly Successful Startups and Lessons to Learn From Them

News Podge

The path to startup success is not always a predictable one, as only 30 percent of seeded startups secure additional funding. To help us understand why some startups thrive while others stagnate or fail, it’s useful to examine startup success stories. These stories provide a unique “been-there-done-that” perspective and invaluable insight for early-stage startups. Here are 10 wildly successful startups and one valuable lesson we can take away from each:

1. Kaltura

Lesson: Target several niches

Kaltura is an open-source video platform for managing, publishing and distributing video content. The platform successfully targets and caters to several niches: enterprise, education and media. Kaltura has built specific features and functions tailored to the needs of each of these sectors and is being used by 300,000 enterprise, education and media organizations, including Groupon, Bank of America, Harvard and HBO. Having recently raised $25 million, this startup’s success illustrates the importance of targeting several niches. Don’t…

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