“Six Pillars of Leadership”: Why “Grounded Leaders Drive High-Performance”|by: Bob Rosen | Chief Executive

Murali Prasanna

Our Leadership Model is broken. CEOs are poorly served by the prevailing paradigm–a long-standing focus to produce short-term results. But at what cost to ourselves and to our organizations? Recent research points to SIX Dimensions of health that support superior leadership…

Today’s CEOs find themselves ill-equipped to manage the challenges they now face in a world changing faster than their ability to reinvent themselves. As they look into their organizations, there remains a growing gap between present and future leader.

But a new model is emerging; a radically different approach to leadership that speaks to our better selves, while helping CEOs grapple with the relentless and complex demands of today’s marketplace and improving their company’s performance. Our extensive research with 500 CEOs in 50 countries over the last 20 years has led us to a startling finding: It’s who you are as a healthy leader that determines what you do—and…

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