Five Steps to Startup Funding – Without Quitting Your Dayjob



So you’re looking to break out of the rat race? You’ve got some awesome business ideas but you’re a slave to the grind and don’t have the time, nor the capital, to make your idea a reality without taking a bold (some might say stupid) move like quitting your job, financing your business (and yourself) off credit card debt and neglecting your body’s nutritional requirements, right?


My entrepreneurial pursuits had long been limited to business plans that went nowhere. I saw no feasible way to raise capital for my ideas while employed full-time, short of getting a bank loan, which I would probably not be able to service without a full-time gig anyway, therefore limiting the time I had to give my idea wings. Equity was another option but how could you possibly get private investors on board an idea while you’re stuck away in the 9-5 slog?


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