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First steps

Entrepreneur Experience

In the last couple of weeks I’ve been dealing with a lot of stuff regarding both my Start-ups. Good news is: we’re set to begin our Costumer Development Process in both.

At the 3D printing start-up one of the founders I recruited asked to leave the venture. He wants to dedicate himself more to his architecture company. Maybe I was wrong but I really tought he could add up to us..

Regarding the hiring start-up my co-founder said that due to his finals he could only get to the hard work once his back in Brazil, which should be next week. So I guess that January will be the month of hard work.

I created today a document template for both companies. It will(!) be used to keep track of our phases throughout the process and for later check and iteration needs.

Once I start using some of the tools…

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5 Basic Social Advertisement Techniques

Social Gratification

Advertising is important to almost all fields. This is an effective way to impart your message to other people. Nowadays, there are many techniques when it comes to advertising. It is one of the most widely developed areas. This is because the internet is already present.

Before, you can only make use of the television, radio, magazine, newspaper, leaflets, streamers, and billboards. But now advertising is made easier through the internet. You can let other people from different parts of the world know your business. You can do this at the comfort of your home as long as you have the network connection.

Social Advertisement Techniques

You can also make use of the social networking sites which are very common these days. Examples of these are Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and a whole lot more. Below are tips which you can follow:

1.      Set your goals.

What do you want to achieve? Is it…

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Five Steps to Startup Funding – Without Quitting Your Dayjob



So you’re looking to break out of the rat race? You’ve got some awesome business ideas but you’re a slave to the grind and don’t have the time, nor the capital, to make your idea a reality without taking a bold (some might say stupid) move like quitting your job, financing your business (and yourself) off credit card debt and neglecting your body’s nutritional requirements, right?


My entrepreneurial pursuits had long been limited to business plans that went nowhere. I saw no feasible way to raise capital for my ideas while employed full-time, short of getting a bank loan, which I would probably not be able to service without a full-time gig anyway, therefore limiting the time I had to give my idea wings. Equity was another option but how could you possibly get private investors on board an idea while you’re stuck away in the 9-5 slog?


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Working Smarter, Not Harder

Small Food Business

consumer spending small businessI’ve been working with a client (a non-food client) who wanted to put a tremendous amount of time, energy, and money into a potential business opportunity that offered limited upside.  It might have made a small blip in the revenue of the company, perhaps help meet some end-of-month revenue goals; but I challenged the CMO as to whether the investment of employee time and bandwidth was worth it.   If you calculated out the actual man-hour costs, it was obvious on the surface that this opportunity wasn’t worth it but it was decided to move ahead regardless. 

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“Six Pillars of Leadership”: Why “Grounded Leaders Drive High-Performance”|by: Bob Rosen | Chief Executive

Murali Prasanna

Our Leadership Model is broken. CEOs are poorly served by the prevailing paradigm–a long-standing focus to produce short-term results. But at what cost to ourselves and to our organizations? Recent research points to SIX Dimensions of health that support superior leadership…

Today’s CEOs find themselves ill-equipped to manage the challenges they now face in a world changing faster than their ability to reinvent themselves. As they look into their organizations, there remains a growing gap between present and future leader.

But a new model is emerging; a radically different approach to leadership that speaks to our better selves, while helping CEOs grapple with the relentless and complex demands of today’s marketplace and improving their company’s performance. Our extensive research with 500 CEOs in 50 countries over the last 20 years has led us to a startling finding: It’s who you are as a healthy leader that determines what you do—and…

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