Test Driven Business for Your Leanstartup Products Workshop : The Canvas

Leanovation Agile @ cOemerge

The Test Driven Business Workshop to create products that your customer will really love uses Lean Canvas defined by Ash Mayura as one of the artefacts. It’s a successful workshop , you may have some more details on the “Workshop & Tutorials” page , and I think it’s a great way to focus on building an MVP that matters beyond one’s assumptions and beliefs about customers innovations. The best way to prove it was to create a Lean Canvas of the workshop.

The credits of the initial idea of describing the workshop this way, goes to Wiktor Zolnowski .

The only drawback of this version is that “Key Metrics” section disappeared to leave space to a strange “key Activities” section. This may be a significant symptom reflecting that defining metrics is a difficult task, and you should face it. Because when you define metrics to verify your assumptions…

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