In defense of the fat startup


One of the biggest innovations to happen in the startup world in the last decade is the Lean Startup movement, coined by Eric Ries.  Ries and the thousands of lean startup fans that follow him advocate staying lean too, as Wikipedia puts it:

…eliminate wasteful practices and increase value producing practices during the product development phase so that startups can have a better chance of success without requiring large amounts of outside funding, elaborate business plans, or the perfect product.

Staying lean is great for startups that haven’t achieved product-market fit or for startups that are targeting markets that they believe to be small.  In addition, many startups (especially outside of the Bay Area) have to stay “lean” out of necessity, since fundraising isn’t nearly as easy as it is here.  Finally, some entrepreneurs want to stay small to retain control of the vision, which is awesome.

salad lean startup

However, I…

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