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Leadership in a digital world by @dtbarron


Over the past few weeks, because of various activities I’ve been involved in, I have been considering leadership within a digital environment, specifically related to social media. derek1

Instantly two questions spring to mind 1) what do I mean by leadership? and 2) what is social media?


Malby in 1997 described leadership as “an interpersonal relationship of influence, the product of personal character rather than mere occupation of managerial positions”.   Bennis and Nanus add to this by described leadership as ‘influencing and guiding’ as having a ‘future focus’, a ‘vision for the future’ while remaining in the present.

The key aspects that interest me in relation to digital and social media leadership is the ‘interpersonal relationship’ and ‘influencing/guiding’ components of these descriptions.  To me they are key in my own engagement with social media, my own role as a leader.

Social Media

So, what is social media – it’s those…

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Design in the cloud: Creative tools start embracing the HTML5 revolution

8 Free Bootstrapping Business Tools

Business Babble

Free stuff is great. Free stuff that helps your business is awesome.

Here are 8 free online services that a small business can use to make life a little less complicated.


“Forever Free.” Love it. That’s MailChimp’s promise to its subscribers. The “Forever Free” plan allows up to 2,000 email subscribers and 12,000 emails to be sent per month. MailChimp offers well-designed email templates, campaigns, list segmentation, signup forms, auto responders, and reporting. Best of all, it integrates well with website, app, and social media platforms. As a subscriber, you’ll also get to enjoy random acts of humor through strategically placed and totally random videos. Watch out for Freddie!

Tip: Test, test, and then test again before sending an email campaign to your entire list. Check out MailChimp’s “Email Campaign Tips.


Staying within the primate family, if you need to develop a survey to find…

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Mumpreneur: Are you one?

Reliv Australia and New Zealand Blog


A growing number of mogul mums have taken on the direct selling world this year. According to the Direct Selling Association there’s been almost a 20 per cent rise in numbers of these savvy women who are triumphantly running their business at home with the kids.

At the thought of rigid hours, expensive childcare and commuting it doesn’t surprise me when mums are apprehensive to return to work. Direct selling offers a number of great benefits including financial freedom, more time with loved ones and more energy to do what you want to do and run a business the way you want to. Flexibility, prosperity and fun are all words synonymous with direct selling and all point towards a happier life balance.

If the above has got you listening then you’ll want to read on because I’ve found some great tips for people and mums in particular that work from…

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#SocialMedia Trends To Watch In 2014 – #Uganda

The New Generation Of E-ntrepreneurs

crazy curious.

Best of both worlds

Everyone’s an entrepreneur nowadays.

With the rise of e-commerce businesses spreading like wildfire since the hay days of Amazon andeBay made their rounds, it’s easier than ever to own a business of your own. In fact, what used to be an occupation reserved for the elite in our society now seems to be a label that some folks who can’t get jobs adopt as a ‘get out of jail free’ card. People who didn’t use to impress you in school, and still fail to inspire you now are ‘entrepreneurs’, or ‘small business owners’. And you start to wonder: Has it become all too easy?

Last I checked, an entrepreneur is still defined as ‘a person who sets up a business or businesses, taking on financial risks in the hope of profit.’ The only difference between now and the businesses of yesteryears is the significantly reduced “financial…

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Test Driven Business for Your Leanstartup Products Workshop : The Canvas

Leanovation Agile @ cOemerge

The Test Driven Business Workshop to create products that your customer will really love uses Lean Canvas defined by Ash Mayura as one of the artefacts. It’s a successful workshop , you may have some more details on the “Workshop & Tutorials” page , and I think it’s a great way to focus on building an MVP that matters beyond one’s assumptions and beliefs about customers innovations. The best way to prove it was to create a Lean Canvas of the workshop.

The credits of the initial idea of describing the workshop this way, goes to Wiktor Zolnowski .

The only drawback of this version is that “Key Metrics” section disappeared to leave space to a strange “key Activities” section. This may be a significant symptom reflecting that defining metrics is a difficult task, and you should face it. Because when you define metrics to verify your assumptions…

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